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About Us

What We Do

Our core goal is to help our customers build and grow their businesses by providing digital marketing solutions. The online environment is more competitive and dynamic than ever and we, at Kriti Web Studio, are here to position your company and help it achieve the outlined goals. With us, you will always have trustworthy guidance in the digital world for achieving and keeping success.

Our team consists of skilled and experienced specialists who are passionate about what they do – helping businesses go forward. We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet absolutely any need which a customer may have in the field of digital marketing. What makes us stand out?

• Our full commitment is to your business and we never deviate from the set target goal.
• We are open and honest and love working in cooperation with you, our customer.
• Our individual approach involves studying your business and target audience in depth to produce fully customized solutions.

What We Believe In

Genuine Creativity

We draw inspiration from everything in life and use our talent to create effective and impressive solutions for our customers. Thinking out of the box is a rare thing these days and this is something that we highly value in our experts.

Exceptional Quality

Our commitment is to giving you strategies, platforms, and solutions which are truly outstanding. We are meticulous in our work and do not get satisfied until we achieve perfection.

Measurable Results

Don’t take our word for it, but look at the data charts and graphs to see what we have achieved. This is the approach which we base our work on and which has won us, multiple happy customers.

Constant Improvement

Innovation is the driving force behind our work and we are always keeping up with the latest trends in the field of digital marketing. Count on us to use the most advanced tools and techniques to make your project a success.

Our Expertise



Web Design




Our Core Values

What makes the Kriti team tick? We live by our core values which are at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Why Kriti Web

Account Manager Working for You

As our customer, you will receive a completely personalized approach with a dedicated account manager working for you.The professional will keep you updated and be available to answer questions, provide explanations and give you professional consultation at any time.

Getting to Know You Perfectly

We always begin our work with detailed discussion with the client about their business goals and vision. Our goal is to study the business in detail and conduct thorough research on the target audience.Armed with the right data and analysis, we can create exceptional solutions.

Showing You the Real Picture

With expert assessment, we will give you a clear idea of where your business stands when it comes to digital marketing performance.As honest and objective professionals, our team members will explain everything in detail to help you get the right start for reaching new heights.

Speaking Your Language

Don’t expect lots of technical terms which mean nothing to you from our team. We always take the time to help you gain full understanding of every piece of data, idea and alternative. With passion for innovation and success, we always collaborate with modern businesses successfully.

Fully Equipped for Every Challenge

Our team has top specialists in every digital field and they are always ready to put 100% in your project.With a combination of hard work, expert knowledge and advanced technology, we can overcome any obstacle and deliver an excellent outcome for our client within the set timeframe.

Always Result-Driven

Our main goal is to achieve measurable results for your business and to help it grow ever bigger.A website built by us is intended to be a long-term company asset while search engine optimisation is an ongoing process for achieving and retaining a top position in the search engine results.

Showing You the Way to Success

Our team is here to guide you to achieving your goals first and providing the means to do it second. Count on us for maximum flexibility.Think of Kriti Web as your trusted consultant in the first place. This is the foundation for building a solid working relationship which will bring you great benefits.

Giving You Perfect Freedom

We will never force you to take decisions or go for options which you are not comfortable with. We know that it is your business and respect the fact that you are in charge.You are the one making the choices and creating the vision. Our job is to assist you with everything within our expert field.

Focusing on Long-Term Partnership

Our work is based on integrity and we value our customers highly. Count on our team to be there for you at all times. With effective collaboration, we help you to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. This is how a successful partnership is built. Let’s get started!

Book A Free Consultation

We work with a wide range of businesses with a variety of budgets and needs – the one thing all of our clients and projects have in common is Real Business Results! If that is what you need, then get in touch with us