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Google AdWords

We Make Google AdWords Work for You

Gain Greater Visibility and More Customers Online

What is Google AdWords?

This is a platform enabling marketers to create ads which appear on Google’s search result pages for the targeted keywords. Each advertisement receives an “Ad” icon which is set in front of the URL to differentiate it from the organic results. Ads can appear above or below the list of organic results. You pay for an ad only when someone clicks on it. That is why this type of advertising is also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Why is Google AdWords So Effective?

Each campaign is highly customisable and this makes targeting productive and cost-efficient too. You decide which keywords to target. We will help you select the best ones based on detailed analysis of your product/service, target audience and competition. With the setting of the so called negative keywords, the risk of the ads appearing for similar keywords which you do not target is reduced to the very possible minimum.

AdWords works exceptionally well not only for online businesses and those operating nationwide, but for local companies of all industries and sizes. This is because you can set the ads to appear only for searches from a specific location. This helps local businesses gain more exposure and customers while keeping costs down.

There are no limits to crafting the perfect ad message. We use creativity and proven conversion tactics to make potential customers click. The platform allows for the use of images and videos in ads as well. This is highly valuable for targeting consumers of different ages and personal preferences.

The results from the PPC campaigns run via the platform are perfectly measurable. When AdWords is used in conjunction with Google Analytics, we can get rich and reliable data and analyse it in detail to determine which keywords and ads produce the highest traffic and conversion rate. This allows us to optimise the PPC strategy on the go for even greater effectiveness and higher return on every dollar spent.

Google Display Network and Remarketing

The search engine enables marketers to expand their pay-per-click advertising campaigns further with Google Display Network. This tool, which you can be used directly via an AdWords account, enables you to create text, image, video and interactive ads and to place them on websites having content which is related to your product or service. This form of strategic advertising allows you to take advantage of the popularity awhich other sites have gained with your target audience. Since these are also pay-per-click ads, you are able to keep your spending under control.

Remarketing is another Google tool which works exceptionally well for capturing leads online. As its name suggests, this solution is all about targeting consumers who have already visited your website without taking any action (usually without making a purchase). You can choose to place remarketing ads linking to your website on sites participating in Display Network. Creating remarketing lists for search ads is all about displaying ads on Google result pages when people who have visited your website perform follow-up searches. Dynamic remarketing involves placing ads for the precise products or services, which visitors have looked at on your website, on Display Network sites. With effective research and analysis, we will define which of these options or a combination of them will work best for you.

Can I Trust Kriti Web Studio?

We have a strong team of AdWords and Analytics Certified specialists who have an individual approach to every client. Our years of experience and ever-growing expertise enable us to provide the best solution every time. Our achievements speak volumes about our productivity and professionalism. When you turn to us for assistance with your online marketing, we will be with you all the way from developing a strategy and drafting and running the ad campaign to making adjustments and improvements for achieving ever better results.

How Much Does Google AdWords Management Cost?

Help More Customers Find You Online

Practically anyone can setup a Google AdWords account and use the intuitive interface to create and display ads, but getting the technical aspects right will not necessarily result in effective marketing. Leave the work to our experienced professionals to make the most out of all opportunities which the platform has to offer. Count on us to identify the keywords which are popular with your target audience and to create powerful ad messages for driving more interested customers to your products.

Choose Experienced AdWords Specialists

It is our belief that developing and implementing PPC campaigns is a science and art too. We combine our polished technical skills, long-term experience and creative ideas to produce measurable results for our customers. Our goal is to establish a productive working relationship with each and every client. It is based on effective communication, excellent understanding of the needs, requirements and goals of the business and detailed reporting. Our team will take you to where you want to be.

How Kriti Web Studio Will Manage Your AdWords

Our individual approach is always result-driven and our work is perfectly well-organised.

  • We do detailed research to identify the best keywords for each product or service that you want to target customers for. Rely on us to focus specifically on the markets that you want to target – national, local or international.
  • The ads capture the attention of customers with the right message. This is where our creative copywriters come into play. We use attention-grabbing keywords and ignite the interest of the prospect customer.
  • Our job is to ensure accurate ad serving for maximising the effectiveness of each campaign. You will be there to meet the customer’s needs as soon as she types the keywords in the search box.
  • Budget management is an essential part of our work. We optimise spending to give you the return on investment which you are aiming at.
  • We gain valuable insight from each campaign to make further improvements and achieve ever higher results. Our methodologies have proven their effectiveness.

For making your AdWords strategy a success, turn to Kriti Web Studio.

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