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Google Analytics

Google Analytics Specialists Boosting Your Website’s Performance

How well is your website performing when it comes to getting visitors and converting them into customers?

Google Analytics can tell you how well each one of your SEO, marketing and conversion methods works. This tool is truly invaluable for modern businesses as it eliminates all the guess work regarding the results and effectiveness of your work and overall digital strategy. At Kriti Web Studio, we are experts in integrating this tool into your website and interpreting and analysing the data which it produces. Our analytics-qualified specialists are here to help you understand your website’s performance, pinpoint and eliminate weaknesses and use the tactics which are proven to work best.

What can Google Analytics tell you exactly? The tool will give you the answers to all questions which you are asking yourself when you are trying to figure out how to improve the performance of your website. It helps you find out where your visitors come from exactly, what keywords they use in the search engines to find your website, how well your PPC ads are working, how visitors engage with your website, which content they like the most and what makes them convert. The data is extremely diverse and valuable and we will help you ensure that you will make the most out of it. Our job is to setup the tool to work effectively for you and to interpret the data so that you can take full advantage of it. Our work process involves:

1. Goal Setting

We will identify all the actions which you want visitors to take on your website and set them up as goals in Google Analytics. This is fundamental for the effective performance of the tool. It guarantees that you will receive truly valuable data.

2. Funnel Analysis

The focus here is on the conversion funnel of your website or online store and the aim is to identify why visitors don’t go to the very end of the process and convert into customers. We will identify how many prospect customers drop out at each stage and where they actually go. This analysis will help you to improve the funnel’s effectiveness and increase your conversion rate.

3. Profile Filtering

How do you differentiate between the visitors to your website who want to learn about you and your products and services and your staff members and external specialists – like our team members who visit for work purposes? We will adjust Google Analytics to produce statistics only on “genuine” visitors to your website to ensure that you will receive the most accurate data

4. Dash Board Reading

Count on us to interpret the statistical data present on the Analytics dashboards. We will explain what the different stats and graphs mean in detail so that you can take the best decisions about your website and about your digital strategy in general. We do the analysis so that you can make the best choice.

5. Ecommerce Tracking

When your online business involves selling products directly to customers, you would want to measure the effectiveness of your spending and how profitable your marketing channels and methods are. This is what we will help you with. You will receive accurate data showing how much money each of your AdWords and social network ads and promotional emails produces. With timely and effective optimisation, you will make more.

6. Reliable Reports

With Google Analytics, there is a huge inflow of data every day so it is challenging to keep track of it, especially when you are heavily involved in other areas of your business. That is why we produce customised reports which are detailed and easy to read at the same time. You will get updates quickly whenever the need arises.

Let us help you manage your online marketing and sales more effectively with Google Analytics.

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