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Research & Strategy

Market Research

Reliable research is in the core of a successful digital strategy.

When you turn to us for help with the development of your business and marketing strategy online, our first job will be to do thorough research covering your company and products, your target audience, the market which you operate in and your competitors. This will allow us to identify what solutions will work best for you and draft a truly effective digital strategy.

Our experienced analysts use advanced tools and dependable and up-to-date sources to gather valuable insight. To get better understanding of consumer behaviour, we collect data from web analytics software and conduct online surveys.

Research Will Help to:

  • Define and meet target customers’ needs
  • Exploit market opportunities
  • Shielded against potential threats
  • Create the best value proposition
  • Avoid mistakes made by competitors
  • Set ambitious yet reachable goals

Make Strategic Plans

Based on thorough research and analysis, we define the steps and methods necessary for your business to achieve top results from digital marketing – high sales, loyal customer base expansion and sustainable growth.

Successful marketing techniques go hand in hand with wonderful user experience.Out team is going to give your business the full package. We rely on our expertise and long-term experience and work meticulously to ensure that the roadmap which you will receive will be perfect. All suggested steps and methods receive rigorous testing to confirm that everything will work out as planned.

Digital Strategy

Your digital strategy will be fully comprehensive and cover every aspect of your online presence. The focus will be on:

  • Creating a unique product image which is easily recognizable
  • Adopting a complete set of effective methods for promotion
  • Developing a flawlessly working and attractive website for high conversion
  • Assisting you with gaining a competitive edge

By implementing the strategy, you will engage a growing number of target customers and boost your conversion rate. With effective monitoring and reliable analysis, you will always be able to measure the return on investment and make the right decisions for your business. You will have the flexibility to adapt quickly and with minimal cost to the changing market and technological conditions.

Keywords Research

Successful SEO Begins with the Right Keywords

Effective Keyword Research

Think about the keywords as the breadcrumbs which show the path to your website, literally. They may be just some short words and phrases, but your entire search engine optimisation strategy depends on them. If you don’t get the foundation right, the rest of your efforts will simply collapse. Our job is to ensure that this won’t happen.

What Is Keyword Research

This fundamental SEO task involves pinpointing the words and phrases that consumers interested in your product or service will use to perform an online search for the respective item. Once we identify these keywords for you, we will optimise the content of your website for them. This work goes beyond placing them in the title and inside the text.They go in meta tags too. The keywords also play an important role for the second major aspect of SEO – link building.

Why Keyword Research Is Fundamental for Website Development

Imagine a website which enjoys a high position in the search engine results, but it ranks for the wrong keywords. The visitors just go away and don’t convert. Then what is the point of SEO? Avoid wasting time, effort and money and get things right from the start with the best keywords for optimising your website. This will give your online marketing a strong foundation from the very beginning and stability as the market and online environment change.

Kriti Web Studio Gives You the Best Keywords and SEO

Our approach has always been marketing-orientated and this guarantees that you will actually derive measurable results from search engine optimisation. Our goal is to help you achieve high and steady traffic and conversion rate. For this, we perform detailed analysis when selecting keywords. It is based on relevance, popularity and competition.

We take all major factors into account from the product’s or service’s category and features to its target audience and major rivals. The use of effective tools and methodologies allows us to achieve a high rate of success. Count on us to select the most relevant keywords for your product or service which are popular, but don’t have way too many competitors.

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