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Responsive Web sites

Responsive Website for the Mobile Age

Do you want your customers to have the same experience no matter what kind of device they use to browse through your website? Then you need to get a responsive design. Modern consumers use multiple devices to do their research before they make a purchase decision so you would not want to disappoint them. Use the professional services of Kriti Web Studio to get a high-quality responsive website which looks and performs equally well on:
• Laptops
• Smartphones
• Desktop computers
• Tablets
The list goes on and on and will get ever longer as mobile takes over.

Understanding Responsive Website Design

The simple explanation is that responsive design allows your website to look and function in an equally effective way on all connected devices which it can be accessed through. The elements are resized and reorganised to match the size of the screen. The functionalities work equally well no matter if the visitor is using a mouse to click on the buttons or touchscreen and actually pushes them with his finger. The content on the ideal responsive website is easy to view, to read and to interact with, without zooming and without the need for constant downward scrolling.

Why Responsive Website Design Is the Best Option

Winning Customers

The growing use of mobile devices guarantees that more and more people will use your website on such devices. If it fails to meet their expectations, they will go to your competitors. Responsive website design is not simply an ingredient for success in the digital era, it is fundamental. When users enjoy their mobile experience on your site, they are much more likely to become your customers.

Effective SEO

Since April 2015, Google penalises websites which are not optimised for mobile. If you want to have search engine optimisation, it should be based on a responsive website. Do not miss to make the most out of your SEO strategy and tactics.

Long-Term Growth

The use of mobile devices has already surpassed desktop use in many parts of the world and this trend will get ever bigger. In this dynamic environment, a responsive website will help your business will remain competitive in the long term. Investing in it now is a cost-efficient and effective move. Make it.

Get a website which gives users the same unique and exceptional experience on all devices. Take advantage of the responsive website design and development services offered by the professional team of Kriti Web Studio.

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