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Our SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation for Getting Found on the Web

Expert SEO Services from Kriti Web Studio

The goal of every business with presence on the web is to be found and we will help you achieve this with our search engine optimisation services. Our team has long-term experience in SEO and will create and implement a complete strategy for your website to ensure that you will enjoy high rankings for your targeted keywords continuously.

In the past, SEO was considered to be just one of the elements of a digital strategy. Now its role has become fundamental. When a web user searches for your product or service, you would want your website to be one of the top options appearing in front of him. This is what our team can achieve for you.

Integrating SEO with Website Development for a Head Start

Here is the reason why search engine optimisation is so important: without it even the most beautiful and perfectly working website can stay without users and practically become useless. At Kriti Web Studio, our job is to ensure that this will never happen. Our goal is to help your site grow from the very beginning. That is why we provide our website building and SEO services together.

Once we have created your website and know exactly where each type of content will go, we will do research to find the best keywords for optimisation and use them to create the required tags. This is the foundation which you need for getting high search engine rankings. Social media integration is another one of the things which we will do for you to help you get where you want to be. Our approach is always fully comprehensive.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is business-orientated like every form of marketing. It is about having high search engine rankings for keywords related to your product or service. If you sell women’s shoes, for instance, you would like to rank high for this particular keyword and for subcategories like women’s boots and women’s sandals too. When people search for your targeted keyword, they will see your website high up in the list of results and will be a lot more likely to click on it. This will lead to higher traffic to your website. In turn this will naturally help to increase conversion.All in all, you will gain more customers.

SEO Strategy

The purpose of using a complete strategy rather than making sporadic efforts is to reach high rankings for the keywords which will help you get high-quality leads and keep them. Count on us, at Kriti Web Studio, to draft and implement a unique strategy for you. It begins with identifying the best keywords for your based on your product or service, target audience and possibly location, If required. We will take into consideration all, relevant factors. With expert SEO, we can help both online stores and traditional small local businesses gain more customers. Then we focus on using the best techniques for on-page optimisation (content optimisation) and off-page optimisation (known as link building).

Since SEO is an ongoing process, you can rest assured that we will be by your side at all times. The web is becoming ever more dynamic and more competitive and Google sets ever higher standards for ranking websites and pages. Our goal is to help you retain the achieved high rankings in the longer term through constant optimisation. This is the most effective way for retaining customers and maintaining high sales, revenues and profits.

Why SEO Is Vital for Your Business

Practice has shown that the best way for a business to get found on the web is via the search engines. 88% of New Zealanders are internet users and 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. 95% of search engine users never go past the first page of results. Additionally, the majority of consumers do their research on products and services online.

Simply put, most people use the search engines when they intend to make a purchase and you must do everything necessary not simply to get found, but to stand out. It is more or less “the winner takes it all” situation, especially for new, small and local businesses. The good news is that our experienced SEO specialists are here to help you get your target rankings, traffic and conversion rate.

What Makes Us Different?

At Kriti Web Studio, we combine extensive experience, advanced expertise and creativity to help our clients get their business where they want it to be. Our company has a growing number of successful projects and this gives us ever broader knowledge for achieving even greater outcomes. We are open, easy-going and reliable and committed to:

  • Measurable results – With us you can expect to have a website which ranks high for the targeted keywords. This will bring you traffic increase and boost the rate of conversion. Our team is constantly monitoring and measuring your performance and ready to make improvements at any time.
  • Keeping performance high – Our core goal is to help you maintain the achieved SEO results in a today’s highly dynamic online environment. We always keep up with the latest requirements and trends set by Google and its counterparts.
  • Maximum flexibility – We believe that strong cooperation between our team and our clients is in the core of success. That is why we give you flexibility when working with us – you will never be required to make long-term commitments unless this is your vision for the future. We’d be more than happy if you choose us to be your long-term trusted partner.

Our SEO Process

Research and Analysis

We start with getting full understanding of your business processes, products and services and goals. Target audience research is another one of the major aspects of our work. It helps us to find the best way to capture your prospective customers. In our work, we use only high-quality data from trusted sources and run detailed analysis.

Keyword Selection

Count on us to pinpoint what keywords your prospects use and which of them are best suited for you given the specifics of your business and the level and nature of competition in your market niche. This step is fundamental for search engine optimisation as the keywords determine the quality and as well as the number of leads which you will get via Google and the rest.

Website Auditing

For driving your business forward, we must know where your website stands technically at the present moment. This is what technical auditing is all about. Our goal is to find if the website has been properly built for the search engines so that we can make improvements timely.

SEO Auditing

Our team uses special techniques to find how well your website is currently optimised for the search engines. This enables us to come up with precise solutions for its optimisation. Count on us to identify any weaknesses and to get you on the road to success.

Content Optimisation

This stage of the process is all about the creation of content which the search engines will pick up easily and rank highly. It is informative and, interesting and matches the needs of your target audience. This will also help to increase the rate of social sharing. In turn, your search engine rankings will be even higher.

Link Building

We use a diverse range of white-hat SEO techniques to build high-quality inbound links to your website. When authoritative websites link to yours, your search engine rankings will shoot up. Our team works on link building continuously to drive lasting results.

Monitoring and Analysis

With analytics, we track performance and can tell if something has to be modified right away. This gives us the flexibility to make improvements quickly. The result is even more effective and cost-efficient search engine optimisation.

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We work with a wide range of businesses with a variety of budgets and needs – the one thing all of our clients and projects have in common is Real Business Results! If that is what you need, then get in touch with us