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At Kriti Web Studio, we help organizations succeed on the web. Our company specializes in digital marketing and web development to provide the full range of services which you will need to gain a competitive position and keep it for a long time to come. On our team, we have experienced professionals who combine skill and creativity to deliver exceptional digital results. Our individual approach to each client makes us stand out. What can we help you with?

Research & Strategy

What do you want to achieve using the opportunities offered on the web? Share this with us and we will show you how to get there. Don’t expect just road signs, but a complete and detailed roadmap in the form of a digital strategy.

To make your digital strategy reliable and highly effective, we begin with market research. This enables us to identify your target market and their demographics. We will use this information to find and implement the most effective online marketing tactics. Our research covers competitors to help you position your brand in the best possible way and avoid errors and weaknesses which can bring your performance down.

With a solid digital strategy, your business will have the best chances of success online. Get it!

Search Engine Optimisation

Which is the best way to get found on the web? Undoubtedly, SEO. When your website ranks highly in the search engine results for your targeted keywords, it gets higher targeted traffic. This helps to increase conversion and sales. How can you have effective search engine optimisation? Leave this to the experts of Kriti Web Studio.

SEO audit

Our work begins with auditing to determine where your website currently stands and what has to be improved. Take advantage of a detailed report to get a head start.


With the compelling and valuable written content, which our talented copywriters will create, you will get higher search engine rankings and increase your conversion rate too.

Link cleanse

Our strategy includes link building, which starts with link cleanse. Our detailed analysis which links to your website actually bring down its search engine rankings and remove them.

Content marketing

It not only helps to bring prospects to your website, but to convert them into customers. It is effective even for building a loyal customer base.

Google My Business

If you have a local business, our team will create and manage a Google My Business account for you to give you a competitive edge when it comes to local searches.

Onpage SEO

We will focus our efforts on optimizing the pages of your website with high-quality keyword-rich content. Count on us to do extensive keyword research to pick the best ones for each of your website’s pages. Then come the meta tags and descriptions.

Choose our SEO services to achieve high search engine rankings for your targeted keywords and keep the in the future. Let’s begin!

Search Engine Marketing

Do you want your website to be seen at the top of the search engine results even if you have just created it? Then our search engine marketing services are ideal for you. They are the counterpart of SEO and enable you to promote your website directly on the pages with the results. To ensure that you will yield a high return on investment, the team of Kriti Web Studio will develop and implement complete SEM campaigns for you.

LinkedIn Advertising

With our services, you will target professionals and businesses via this unique social network effectively. Gain greater exposure and higher targeted traffic to your website.

Google Grants

If you run a charity, you can take advantage of these grants for AdWords advertising. We will plan and manage your advertising campaigns to achieve the best possible result.


Let us help you bring people who have shown interest in your products back to your website. Remarketing works exceptionally well for winning customers and increasing sales.

Facebook Advertising

Our team will help you exploit all opportunities for promotion and marketing which the social network has to offer. Engage more people with your brand and create buzz about your new products.

Google AdWords

We will take your pay-per-click advertising to a whole new level thanks to out deep understanding of AdWords. Our specialists will pinpoint the best keywords for you and devise an individual ad serving tactic, which is highly effective and cost-efficient.

Create awareness, bring more prospects to your website and engage customers with your brand with our search engine marketing services. Use them now!

Analytics & Reporting

How well is your website performing? This is the question which we answer with our analytics & reporting services. Our goal is to assess the effectiveness of your online marketing and search optimisation efforts in detail and suggest ways for improvements which would bring better results.

Google Search Console

With the help of this instrument, we are able to find out how the search engine views your website. Count on us to make timely and effective improvements for achieving greater visibility and ultimately higher rankings of your website’s pages for the targeted keywords.

Google Analytics

We will make this unique tool work for you by setting it up to provide all the data which is valuable to you. The next step involves expert data analysis to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and to help you fix mistakes and make beneficial changes. Our team will work with you towards achieving ever better results and higher return on investment.

With analytics & reporting, we, at Kriti Web Studio, will help you reach your digital marketing objectives. Make a decisive step now!

Web Design & Web Development

Do you want a modern website which has everything necessary for achieving a high conversion rate? Use our web design & web development services to exploit all opportunities for marketing and business growth which the web has to offer. Our team has a wealth of experience and lots of creative ideas. At Kriti Web Studio, we approach each project individually and build the website to match the business goals and requirements of our client exactly.

Service Based Websites

Our team will give you the perfect medium for promoting your services on the web and for gaining customers directly. Give your business the modern website which it deserves.

Responsive Websites

With responsive web design, your site will have perfect visibility and functionality on all connected devices from PCs operated with a traditional mouse to the latest smartphones with touchscreens.

Ecommerce Websites

Choose us for building your online store to get everything necessary for selling your products from design elements created especially for marketing to well-organised product categories and a quick and easy checkout process.

Mobile Websites

With more and more people browsing the web using their smartphones and tablets rather than their desktop computers and laptops, you cannot afford to stay behind the trend. Rely on us to build the right mobile website for your needs.

Choose Kriti Web Studio for your next website development project.

Book A Free Consultation

We work with a wide range of businesses with a variety of budgets and needs – the one thing all of our clients and projects have in common is Real Business Results! If that is what you need, then get in touch with us